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The Turkish dictator Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdo?an) has just been deposed by a military coup. The military said that it took over due to “rising autocratic rule and increased terrorism“.

You have to know the history of the Turkish military to understand why this is a very good thing …

For many decades, the Turkish military insured that no Islamic fundamentalists could impose their will on Turkey.  Whenever anyone tried, they were deposed.

It is only recently that the military stood down, and Erdogan imposed an Islamic fundamentalist rule over Turkey, suspended free speech and journalism, and otherwise crushed democracy.

He also launched a major campaign to support ISIS in Syria, destabilizing the entire region in the process.

With today’s coup, the people of Turkey have a chance once again for secular and democratic rule.

So long as the military quickly transitions to elections, they will have done Turkey – and the world – a great service.

First published here: http://j.mp/29KJKz7