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If you are looking to put extra money in your pocket this summer, consider switching to a better bank account, credit card or brokerage. Financial service companies are becoming increasingly generous in their race to attract new customers. Switching accounts usually doesn’t take much time, and can be done online. If you do it right, you could easily make $350 or more and end up with a better financial deal in the long run.

Just remember these two warnings:

  • Don’t sign up for an account just because of an introductory bonus. While a bonus can be nice, you should remain focused on the long-term value of the product. The sign-on bonus is just the “cherry on top.”
  • Don’t change your spending behavior just to earn a sign-on bonus. If you cannot afford the spending thresholds required to earn a bonus, don’t open the account.

1. Switch Checking Accounts ($200 or more possible)

Checking accounts are probably one of the most boring financial accounts out there. However, you could easily earn $200 of more by taking advantage of a bank account switching bonus. Financial site NerdWallet keeps an updated list of bonuses being paid by banks. The amount of the bonus and the rules vary by bank. But typically you will need to sign up for direct deposit in order to qualify.

If you have been with your bank for a long time, now is a good time to consider switching to a better deal and getting a nice bonus in the process.

2. Open A New Credit Card ($150 or more possible)

It has never been easier to earn lucrative rewards on credit cards. 1.5% cash back has become the new 1%, and many cards are offering 2% or more depending upon the spending category and your behavior. If you are still earning a boring 1%, now might be the time to consider a change. You can search for the best cash back credit cards online at MagnifyMoney.

In addition to earning a better cash back rate of return, many credit cards are also offering a lucrative sign-on bonus. You can easily find cards with a $150 sign-on bonus, so long as you spend $500 on purchases in the first 3 months of the account.

3. Open A New Brokerage Account ($200 or more possible)

Do you have investment accounts? The cost of investing has never been lower, and online brokerages are willing to pay for your business. For example, if you moved a $25,000 IRA to E*Trade, you could get a $200 bonus. Depending upon how much money you moved, you could earn up to a $2,500 bonus.

You should not change your investment strategy or pay higher on-going fees in order to get a short-term sign-on bonus. However, given how low trading fees have become, now is a good time to see if you can get a better on-going deal and be paid for the switch. You can see a list of the current brokerage account bonus offers on the finance blog InvestorJunkie.

Earn Money Quickly

You can open a checking account, credit card and brokerage account online quickly. And if you have been with your existing bank for a long time, now is a good time to see if you can get a better deal. Not only will be you better off in the long-run, but you could end up with some easy extra money this summer.

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