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Behind the veneer of “all is well” being promoted by both world Governments and the Mainstream Media, the political elite have begun implementing legislation that will permit them to stop you from getting your money out of the system during the next crisis.

This strategy has already been employed in the UK where over 50% of all funds devoted to commercial property are currently LOCKED… meaning you cannot get your money out.

Three more fund managers have stopped investors from leaving their UK property funds, trapping an additional £5.5bn and bringing to six the funds unable to meet withdrawal requests after the Brexit vote.

More than half of the £25bn of funds committed to commercial property by retail investors is now locked down by managers, who are under pressure to sell buildings to raise cash.

Henderson Global Investors said on Wednesday that it had suspended redemptions from its £3.9bn UK property fund.

Source: Business Day Live

In the US, the SEC has implemented similar regulations designed to stop investors from pulling their funds when a Crisis hits.

The regulation is called Rules Provide Structural and Operational Reform to Address Run Risks in Money Market Funds. It sounds relatively innocuous until you get to the below quote:

Redemption Gates – Under the rules, if a money market fund’s level of weekly liquid assets falls below 30 percent, a money market fund’s board could in its discretion temporarily suspend redemptions (gate).  To impose a gate, the board of directors would find that imposing a gate is in the money market fund’s best interests.  A money market fund that imposes a gate would be required to lift that gate within 10 business days, although the board of directors could determine to lift the gate earlier.  Money market funds would not be able to impose a gate for more than 10 business days in any 90-day period…

Also see…

Government Money Market Funds – Government money market funds would not be subject to the new fees and gates provisions.  However, under the proposed rules, these funds could voluntarily opt into them, if previously disclosed to investors.


In simple terms, if the system is ever under duress again, Money market funds can lock in capital (meaning you can’t get your money out) for up to 10 days. If the financial system was healthy and stable, there is no reason the regulators would be implementing this kind of reform.

This is just the start of a much larger strategy of declaring War on Cash.

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