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Today is the Brexit vote.

When this ends, the world can move on to the other numerous Black Swans waiting to hit.

Firstly, the consensus is that the US is the early stages of a recovery. Consensus believes GDP growth will be 2.5%+ this year.

This is happening when the labor market conditions index, industrial production, C&I loan delinquencies, and sales to inventory ratios are all screaming “recession.”

Secondly, stocks are pricing in economic perfection. Earnings have fallen to 2012 levels. Stocks are 30% above that level.

Thirdly, China is set for another massive round of devaluation. The very issue that crashed markets in August 2015 has not gone away.

There are countless other black swans lurking in the financial system (corporate debt bubble, EU bank crisis, Greece debt forgiveness, $9 US Dollar carry trade, etc.). NONE of them are positive.

More and more, the markets feel like they did in late 2007/ early 2008: when stocks held up based on hype and hope that Central Banks could put off another Crash.

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In it, we outline the coming crash will unfold…which investments w

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