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A chorus of disapproval

IN LOVE or in business, it is not a good idea to be on the wrong side of Taylor Swift. She has slated ex-boyfriends in her songs. And last year she publicly criticised Apple Music’s plan not to pay artists during the streaming service’s launch period. Apple quickly relented. Now Ms Swift has joined nearly 200 musicians and record labels in a campaign aimed at the largest streaming service, YouTube. They complain that it gives away too much of their work for free.

Their call for a change in copyright law is sure to fail, but the underlying gripe with Google’s streaming service will find sympathetic ears. Streaming of music via on-demand video services more than doubled in America last year, to 172.4 billion songs, according to Nielsen, a research firm. Ms Swift, Sir Paul McCartney, U2 and others signed a letter, published in several Washington periodicals on June 20th, asking Congress to make it more difficult and costly for those streaming services to host versions of songs uploaded by users. Google and Facebook, among others, will vigorously oppose any change to the Digital Millennium Copyright…Continue reading

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