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It’s been a week since the Bilderberg meeting – and what a busy week for the Establishment!  A key British MP was shot in the street before the signficant Brexit vote, and GBP/USD is soaring as if Brexit is not a possibility.  Second, in what looks to be a false flag event, a ‘terror’ attack in Orlando is a sign of things to come from the Elite?

What’s unusual about the Orlando attack:

Other unusual related events:

Plan to destroy TRUMP

The first US Senator ever was invited to attend this years Bilderberg meeting – Lindsey Graham – who is anti-Trump, pro-war, and pro-Elite.  What was decided at the meeting, if anything?

Could a war, or large terror event – delay the elections, or fundamentally change voters opinions?  Politicians have a simple book of operations, probably they circulate it in their secret societies.  Bush family not so creative.  War is good for their power, good for business, blah blah – if Iraq war didn’t exist, no way Bush would have been re-elected for a 2nd term.  

What might a plot to dethrone TRUMP look like?  Probably it would involve someone hand selected to be in the White House – POTUS.  War with Russia, war with Syria, increase in domestic terrorism, civil unrest, riots, market collapse; something from the playbook.  Taking out TRUMP would be difficult at this point, although it certainly was discussed as an option.  Hopefully, TRUMP is aware of potential threats and has excellent security – maybe even better than government provided!

Just think – what has the potential to make this case for TRUMP irrelevant?  A large disaster, bigger than any Presidential election.  Bush lost the 2000 election, technically speaking – but won politically.  The point is that when Bush was in office, he started out being mildly popular.  He wasn’t JFK.  He had certain support, from conservatives, Christians, big money, Oil money, Wall St., and the military (which is a really really big lobby!).  But 9/11 changed all that.  Love him or hate him – Bush was president at the time when America felt attacked.  Those who are not violently inclined or military minded – went to sign up for the armed forces, to ‘kick their butts.’  Bush’s approval rating soared:  (in Red, GWB dissaproval) 


9/11 was a game-changer.  The only thing that can stop TRUMP – is a real game changer.  Not necessarily a terrorist event, but that seems to be part of their MO, considering the public slaughtering of a British MP.  Plus, dead people can’t testify.  

They’re planning to change the rules of the GOP such that TRUMP will be forced to form his own party, a huge roadblock so close to the election.  If that doesn’t work, the Elite may be left with their tried and tested tool; tradecraft.

What form this ‘event’ may take, is totally unknown.  Citizens and traders should be vigilant.  Any event can rock the markets.

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First published here: http://j.mp/28IL2sK