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Here’s who should be taking over the music world.



Who he is: London based singer-producer extraordinaire.

Why you should listen: Already receiving the stamp of approval from the likes of Pharrell, Katy Perry, and Fall Out Boy, Rationale’s music is poignant, impactful, and full of emotional integrity. There’s an honestly that shines through in his work and his vocal power is something that demands attention. If anything, you should start now before he becomes too big for all of us.

Start with: “Something For Nothing”

Warner Bros

Big Grams

Big Grams

Who they are: Supergroup comprised of Big Boi and Phantogram.

Why you should listen: The project of Big Grams came to be in 2012 for both artists to respectively to essentially escape the barriers that their genres would normally hold them in. Phatogram lead singer Sarah Barthel and Big Boi trade off on vocal leads and the result is the perfect mashup of both of their music styles. Big Grams is funky, smooth, dancey, synthy, and basically everything you ever possibly want.

Start with: “Fell In The Sun”

Big Grams / Via Facebook: BigGramsMusic



Who she is: English singer-songwriter.

Why you should listen: So Foxes isn’t a new artist. She’s been featured on Fall Out Boy’s “Just One Yesterday” and on Zedd’s Grammy winning “Clarity” but she hasn’t hit the accolades on her own merit that she truly deserves, especially in The States. She’s got the face and vocal talent to become of the world’s biggest pop stars. And she absolutely should be. Period.

Start with: “Better Love”

Press / Via pressherenow.com



Who they are: Dark pop trio from Los Angeles.

Why you should listen: MUNA is just doing everything right. They’ve got the perfect amount of ’80s flavor with catchy hooks that’ll make you dance and lyrics that’ll make you cry. They all identify as queer and are advocating for representation by not letting their sexualities define who they are. Their message is loud and clear and it’s being amplified with some of the best pop music out right now and they’re 100% doing it on their own.

Start with: “Loudspeaker”

MUNA / Via Facebook: whereismuna

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