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THE opinion polls seem to indicate that Britain will vote to leave the European Union on June 23rd. And the gambling markets, which many investors rely on as the “true” signal, are moving the same way. So it is time for this blogger to take one last chance to argue the case for Remain.

Let us start with the positive case. The EU was set up (as the common market and then the EEC) in the wake of two world wars that devastated Europe’s economy and left the continent divided between east and west. It has succeeded remarkably, so much so that former Communist countries queued up to join. The right to work and live in the EU is a freedom that 1.3m Britons currently take advantage of (and something our children can still benefit from).

Britain initially stood aloof from the project but then spent a decade trying to join, as its poor economic performance became clear; between 1946 and 1965, British GDP per capita grew at half the…Continue reading

First published here: http://j.mp/1rnUMQ4